About me

In Septebmer 2020, I moved lock, stock and two cats to Shetland. It was a big scary move but full of excitement, anticipation, craft and writing. It was the biggest leap I had done alone – bigger even that getting on a train in Sheffield and getting off in China to live and work in the old hutongs of Suzhou, bigger even, than crossing China, Tibet and in to Nepal for 6 weeks on a lorry, and maybe bigger even than when I sold my house to go back to Uni at the age of 53 to do an MA in Knitting at NTU.

I invested everything to lead to that one moment of living on an island in a tiny cottage by the sea with only two cats and 40 boxes of stuff but over time, I missed my family and friends back South and began to make plans to return. This was not an easy decision nor an easy move but in October 2021, I returned to Sheffield where I will continue to knit, design, teach online classes and develop workshops where like minded knitters can meet and talk and share skills.

Smola, when I moved in – September 2020


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