Tracey Doxey uses Computer Aided Design and Shima power knit to create contemporary fine lace knitted textiles, which are inspired by and respond to place, tradition, heritage and culture.  She travels back to the original site of inspiration to place the textiles back into the landscape to create site specific photographic work. Currently, she returns to Shetland to place the textiles into derelict Croft Houses which acts as a celebration and testimony to the previous generations of inhabitants who were knitters by occupation.   She also designs and creates contemporary, unique fine, lace, knitted vests which are inspired by early Shetland lace garments.

 In February 2018, Tracey was awarded an Arts Council, Making Ways R&D Grant to return to Shetland to work with the lace knitters of Unst and to create site specific works in abandoned croft houses on the Island. She completed an internship at Alexander McQueen in April 2017 and has been supported by The Hive Innovation Fund at Nottingham Trent University.

She is available for workshops and commissions.


Tracey Doxey 

May 2018