If you have been following me, either on my travel blog or my Instagram page, you will see that I have been through many lives and this creative blog tracks just one of them – my creative practice and my move to Shetland.

I am a single, self-funded, ordinary  woman with 2 cats that no one else wanted.  I do have two degrees and I have also travelled, worked and lived in China, and in between all of this, I have worked many office / project manager jobs in the UK as well as doing ironing  in the evenings after work to make ends meet whilst doing the Masters in Knitting at NTU in 2016 -2018.  I got the MA, which I am proud of but I’m mostly proud of my journey. 

But the journey hasn’t ended because, you may know that I am selling my Sheffield flat and moving to Shetland.  Each day, and with each detail of the flat and house exchange requirements slowly falling in to place, takes me closer to a move to live by the sea. 

In 2015, I found Shetland through Shetland Wool Week where I attended inspirational workshops on the art of Fair Isle and lace knitting and for the last 5 years, I’ve repeatedly returned building on that knowledge, which you will see in the blogs on this site.  I was particularly drawn back to build my understanding of the beauty of Shetland and  its rich cultural heritage in knitting, the social history of the knitters and landscapes.  I have been making new friends and gaining a tentative foothold on the rocks of island life. 

I know that when I move, it will be my real life – not a trip or a month or R&D but for years… It’s a big jump – possibly my biggest yet and I already miss my son and daughter and friends here in and around Sheffield. 

I’m grateful for being here in Sheffield but it is time to take the leap to an island. 

This wordpress blog will move forward by following my move to Shetland and my first year living on the island in the shape of Seasons, landscapes, knitting, community, whales, sea pinks, photographs, friends and weather.

I’m  heading out on another adventure at 57 (dragging both cats with me) and I’m looking forward to it. 

UPDATE  – I moved in to my tiny house on 11th September 2020

and I am offering Air B&B from spring 2021  – take a look here 


If you’d like to follow this journey with this blog, please sign up in the box above for updates – my knitting patterns are linked below.

New Design – Good Wishes for the New Year

Ravelry: Good Wishes for the New Year pattern by Tracey Doxey

Ravelry Knitting patterns

And, Further reading and research https://www.patreon.com/TraceyDoxey

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