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Knitting has been a huge part of my life for over 40 years. It is a creative, steadying, slow, portable practice that allows me to be creative. Since 2015, I have deeply engaged with heritage Shetland knitting to study pattern and form. I have designed a handful of hat and mitt patterns which are all inspired by stories embedded in Shetland. I tend to use a lot of colour and would love to share these ideas with you. I have devised an online Colour Blending workshop for a small group of 6 participants.

6 person Online Zoom Colour Blending Workshop for Traditional Fair Isle knitting Pattern


If you would like to join, please complete the contact form below and I will send a booking form.

Saturday 15th April 3-5pm UK time 5 places available

Sunday 16th April 3-5pm UK time 5 places available

Online workshop – Experience Level – Anyone who can knit including beginners, and wants to experiment with and understand colours more can attend this session.  This is not a knitting workshop. This is a design workshop where you will learn the skills and gain experience to enable you to choose your own colours for your own projects and blend colours and design your own Fair Isle knitting projects.  The workshop is based around my Sea Urchin Hat pattern (in image above) which will be sent to you free when you have booked the course. This is a great pattern to practice colour blending techniques and principles and you will receive the pattern free to work with after the workshop.

The workshop is a fun, interactive, creative session to experiment with colour in Fair Isle knitting to take forward to create your own swatches for future projects.  You’ll be able to throw yourselves into the many colours of yarn on offer to us and you will look at your own stash of yarn with a different eye.   We will look at a traditional Shetland tree and star motif, used on Shetland cardigans and jumpers, and at examples of Fair Isle knitting including Yokes, flat knitting and knitting in the round. 

At this online workshop, you will learn: –
• How to see colour / tone / contrast
• How to blend colours in your knitting to create a harmonious
• How to see what you can see and what you cannot
immediately see in a colour blended motif.
• How to get excited about colour and not frightened and how to confidently choose colours for your own projects rather than use those chosen by the designer.
• If you love colour and textiles, you will enjoy the opportunity for experimentation

At the end of the session, you will think about your colour choices differently and be inspired to colour blend your motifs with confidence and with a new seeing eye.

Please note that, unfortunately, if you are unable to attend a booked and paid for slot, I am not able to transfer you on to another slot on another workshop.

Small group 6 person workshop price . Weekend slots will be £40 per person. Week day slots will be £35 per person. All participants will receive a free Sea Urchin knitting pattern and presentation handouts as well as 20% off all my knitting patterns and access to closed facebook group for colour blending examples.

Please complete the form below if you would like more information about the March or April sessions.

I thoroughly enjoyed Tracey’s colour blending workshop. So much was taught! I came away feeling really inspired about all things to do with yarn and colour.  We were taught fundamental techniques and principles for choosing colour and looked at lots of knitting examples which brought all of the theory to life. The course material is clearly presented and all of it was quickly sent over to us after the class so that we could all continue to absorb what was taught. I came away feeling really inspired about all things to do with yarn and colour. 

Maureen Wray

I really enjoyed the colour blending workshop which was friendly and fun and very interesting. I learnt a lot about how to look at colours differently in tone and contrast to gain the best result and maximum effect. It was great source of inspiration.   I will definitely be attending more of Tracey’s workshops in the future.

Lynn Hall.

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